Fibre Optic Distributed Sensing System

The School of Earth and Environment operates two distributed sensing systems. This cutting-edge technology uses fibre-optic cable to sense the thermal and mechanical properties of the subsurface, at high spatial and temporal resolution. This technology is a game-changer for monitoring subsurface geoassests.

Purchased with support from the National Productivity Investment Fund, SEE operates distributed sensing systems manufactured by Febus Optics. Specifically, these systems are:

Fibre Optic Distributed Sensing System

SEE staff are available to collaborate and advise on the diverse usage of these interrogators: please contact Dr Adam Booth to discuss in the first instance.

Our fibre-optic are just one component of our comprehensive stock of geophysical survey equipment, which also includes nodal seismic receivers, a downhole seismic source, gravity meters, electrical resistivity tomography apparatus and GPR systems.

For inspiration, please consider the growing list of fibre-optic case studies below!