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Our research

Geoscience has an important role to play in supporting the energy transition and delivering on net-zero and net-negative carbon goals. The subsurface provides a storage space for excess energy, in the form of heat and power, and exploitable resources that can support low carbon technologies. Many alternative energy technologies, such as wind power, are highly dependent on effective characterisation of the subsurface to improve engineering design and reduce risk. But geosciences don’t act in isolation: successful implementation of geological energy systems depend on the wider support within society to make them a reality. Our research brings together geologists, engineers and social scientists to create a whole system approach to energy geosciences.

Case studies

Find out how work by our academics is supporting projects and initiatives across our four research themes.

The infographic below provides a visual illustration of the many ways the subsurface can contribute to decarbonisation of our energy systems.


Infographic showing subsurface use in the decarbonisation realm. Andy Emery, 2020.