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Joint Industry Projects

We have a proven track record delivering industry-focussed research through MSc and PhD Projects, CASE studentships, joint industry consortium projects and stand-alone research projects. We have a flexible approach to collaboration with industry and would like to speak to companies who are interested in working with us.

Current Projects

  • Geoscience and Offshore Wind; proposal available here
  • **NEW** Reservoir quality of Triassic saline aquifers and the sealing capacity of their caprocks, North Sea region and East Irish Sea: tools to identify potential CO2 storage sites (TriStore);  proposal available here & TriStore FAQs available here
  • **NEW** Basin Structure Group Phase 4; proposal available here
  • Fluvial, Eolian and Shallow Marine Research Group (FRG-ERG-SMRG); website live
  • LOBE 3; Lobes and stratigraphic traps – a field, subsurface and virtual project; website live
  • Turbidites Research Group (TRG); website live
  • Carbonate Fault Rock Group (CFRG); website live
  • SHAPE-UK; Impact of hydraulic fracturing in the overburden of shale resource plays: Process Based Evaluation; website live

Archived Projects

  • Petrophysics of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs (PETGAS), website.
  • Impacts of Faults in Carbonate Reservoirs, download the flyer here.