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Sorby Lab Suite

Welcome to the Sorby Lab Suite at the University of Leeds. Our facilities enable a wide interdisciplinary community to experiment upon a range of simulated natural processes, from flow-sediment transport links in alluvial channels, through the dispersal of sediment in the deep oceans, to particulate transport through pipes and rig vessels. Find out about our latest research projects and publications on our News page.


Our latest research projects and publications

Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

State-of-the-art high special and temporal 3D visualisation of complex geophysical flows.

Density Currents Laboratory

Dedicated laboratory space for the design and measurement of sediment-laden and solute gravity current experiments


The Sediment, Soil and Pollutant Analysis Laboratory is dedicated space for the high resolution analysis of particle character (shape and size).

About Us

Find out more about the diverse projects that the Sorby Laboratory Suite contribute to, who we work with and details of key staff.