In addition to supporting the world class MSc in Exploration Geophysics our research focuses on improving the theory and practice of geophysical techniques for subsurface energy, engineering and environmental problems. We have strong collaborative links with the hydrocarbon and mining sector, as well as strong links with related research groups both in the UK and abroad.

Our current research projects reflect our interest in these themes:

  • Application of seismic techniques to mineral exploration
  • Geophysical techniques to quantify physical properties of cryosphere
  • Integrated seismic and hydro-mechanical modelling
  • Modelling and monitoring geological storage of CO2 (Carbon Capture and Storage) and nuclear waste storage
  • Seismic attenuation of reflected wave amplitudes and their variation with angle of incidence
  • Seismic characterisaion of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs

We use range of forward modelling, experimental  and observational techniques, and work on problems that range in size from that of a core scale rock physics to basin scale tectonics. Specialist areas of expertise in Geophysics include seismic modelling and processing, gravity and magnetics, and cryosphere geophysics. We work closely with professional practice to provide challenging summer projects for MSc students with a distinct industry focus.